I am You Man!

I am You Man!

I am Shanti, Cultural society worker and a decisive person with a clear vision and a good dose of perseverance. I live with my boyfriend Kevin and two super sweet bonus children Savva en Aimee. Growing our own food, living plastic-free and consciously dealing with people and the environment are core values ​​that connect our family. Practice what you preach!

Pit Nation

Why PIT Nation?

I believe that everyone is fundamentally equal regardless of origin, creed, or wealth. I see too often that people look down on each other and that we live in an ego-driven world that is destructive to all life. I want to inspire rather than correct by working towards a life sustaining society!

To give shape to my vision she started PIT Nation. I have visited dozens of Ecovillages around the world and i have followed several courses on sustainability and community development. Making connections between the different layers in our society by organizing and inspiring is one of my passions. I stand for cooperation in which we strive to connect and regenerate our society!

Everyone has an authentic talent that can be used for the greater whole, whether this applies to a group, a district or a country, everyone counts!